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Live! From Eagle Rock Brewery S2 Ep9


S2 Ep9 took Ya Boys to Eagle Rock Brewery where we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the co-owners Jeremy Raub.

If you haven't been to Eagle Rock Brewery's tap room we suggest checking it out becasue these guys know what they're doing and have a wide variety of tasty beers that everyone will enjoy.

Here are some of the things we chatted about:

Starting the brewery - Start - 00:07:00

Building the brewery - 00:07:00 - 00:10:30

LA Beer Culture - 00:10:30 - 00:22:00

FOMO & Beer Intro's - 00:22:00 - 00:30:30

Red Velvet & Video Games  Event - 00:30:30 - 00:39:00

Womens Beer Forum - 00:39:00 - 00:46:00

Painting - 00:46:00 - 00:49:00

Production Background - 00:49:00 - 00:55:00

Little Things and Outro - 00:55:00 - End


Go visit Eagle Rock Brewery :

3056 Roswell Street Los Angeles, CA 90065

Come out for the Red Velvet & Video Games Even this Valentine's Day and Check out the Women's Beer Forum

Also, we have to give a shoutout to a good cause and this week we are trying to help fight Type 1 Diabetes. Go help out our buddy Kevin's kid Charlie and visit this link to help donate and find a cure.


Thanks again to Eagle Rock Brewery and Jeremy for hosting us and letting us try out some of their amazing beers! This place is great and we appreciate all the hospitality.

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